"Phobia Relief is a great example of what I've said for years: 'Change the way you think; It will change how you feel, and therefore change what you can do.' Read this book and be free of fear . . . and embrace life."

—Dr. Richard Bandler, co-founder of NLP, Author of thirty books, and creator of behavior technologies.

Phobia Relief is representative of Dr. Bandler’s most recent evolution of NLP, from fear to freedom.

"You've got a wonderful story! You're fascinating - You have helped thousands of people overcome fears and phobias and move on to real greatness in their lives."
- Jack Canfield, #1 NY Times Bestselling author of Chicken Soup for the Soul

-“Kalliope is an angel.” Ioannis Eleftheriou, NYC Real Estate Agent
"Thank you for what you're doing. You're a great help to a lot of people"
- Lou Telano, Radio show host personality.

"My tension in my stomach is gone - Oh god, Kalliope, Thank you so much. You have conquered this fear."
- Mother of Three, Scared of Clowns

Quotes about the Book

"Reading this book was incredibly surprising. I did not expect to overcome my fears with this simple read. It's truly does live up to it's name."
- Giovani Paulo, Book Reviewer

Amazon Reviews of Phobia Relief: From Fear to Freedom

"Kalliope Barlis takes the through-line of proven techniques of Dr. Richard Bandler and crystalizes them in a fast read that can show how anyone can make irrational fear a thing of the past. By simply reading along and being ready to let go of unwanted, fearful responses, a wonderful change could take place. Certainly going to see Kalliope (or any Licensed Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming) would put an end to the paralysis that interferes with living life with the level of positive and productive enjoyment we all deserve. A bargain price to change your life."
Timothy N. Thomas, Verified purchaser of Phobia Relief on Amazon
"For those of us wanting to enjoy life, make the most of our experience - but our fears prevent us from our goals and dreams, this book is a must read! Discover the gateway to freedom and enjoy the journey".
 Joey, Verified purchaser of Phobia Relief on Amazon

-“Oh my, my fear is gone. No more pain, no more lost time.” Cynthia Reynolds, Mom